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    3. 電話:0513-83309999


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            Jiangsu Er'Le Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd. (Jiangsu HENGTONG Electrical Apparatus & Meter Co.,Ltd.) is located in the developing area in the city of Qidong. Jiangsu Province in the rich and prosperous Changjiang Triangle. The city stands on the other side of Changjiang River,just opposite of the international urban city Shanghai. It has an area of 88000 square meters. It is a fifth and sixth director general company of Explosion-protected Electircal Apparatus branch of China Electrial Industrial Association, It has gained membership in Refinery Industrial Equipment Class One Network Company of China Petroleum and Gas Group. It is one of the first enterprises recommended to customers by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and has been conferred the manufacture base of explosion-production by China Electrical Industry Association.
            Er'le electrical has specialized research and development center of explosion-protected apparatus, strong technical force, advanced production processing, well-equipped inspection facility and consummate quality system.It has passed the following authorized approvals: IS09001 quality system certification in 1998,product quality system certification, CE approval, French BV approval. All products have been issued explosion-production certificates by national explosion-protection electrical products inspection institution and certificates for marine products by Certification Society at home and abroad. "EL" is Jiangsu name brands, which has explosion-producted products of over 200 series and 1500 specifications, several series have filled up the blank of national, market and have been issued national patents. It was awarded the title of "one of the ten best companies" by Explosion-protected Apparatus Branch Association. The company is bestowed company of AAA class credit by Jiangsu Province.
            Er'le electrical is sincerely grateful to all friends who have been concerning, supporting and helping us these years. We will provide the customers with high quality products and satisfactory service. We will advance with the customers hand in hand and  cooperate to achieve win-win.